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Carving Notes

Carving, my definition:
The process of removing the pieces of the wood that don't look quite like what you are making. (The more pretentious of carvers will refer to this process as "releasing the eagle that is trapped in the wood" or some such nonsense.) Sometimes I change my mind about exactly what it is that I am making halfway through, and sometimes I decide to make it smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Some people call that process "making mistakes", but I never make mistakes. Well, one... I thought I was wrong once!

It was my experiences carving that piqued my interest in using old tools. There's no tool like an old tool! They don't make 'em like they used to.

Woodcarving Gallery

Yet another chance to look at the Dragon that I carved

Carousel Horse in progress . . . (38k)

(This page will have more pictures linked as soon as I can get them scanned)

Links to other Carvers

I have taken on the responsibility of maintaining the list of Woodcarver's Homepage links. If you have a few minutes to browse, jump over to The Woodcarver's Web

Inter-Woodcarver Communication

There is a discussion group for hobby woodcarvers. It is a listserver, which forwards e-mail to all who have 'subscribed'. It is titled, curiously enough, 'Woodcarver'
To subscribe or signoff, visit Woodcarver List Central Control

The Artwork Network hosts another listsever, dedicated to Fine Woodcarving. It is more serious, and stays closely on-topic. (Click on the link to see what it is all about)
For more information, send e-mail to with the message:
   info Fine_Woodcarving
To subscribe, send e-mail to with the message:
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nifty line of Celtic Knotwork

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